36/48/72 color water-soluble/oily colored pencil set portable metal box professional sketch hand-painted pen art supplies

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Product name: colored pencils
Size: Pen length 175mm diameter 7.6mm
Color: 24 colors/36 colors/48 colors/72 colors
Classification: water-soluble, oily
Main material: colored pen core, dip top craft, basswood penholder
Product packaging box classification: paper box, metal box

The difference between water soluble and oily
1. Water-soluble color lead is called water-soluble color lead because it can be painted with a brush dipped in water to create a watercolor effect
2. The oily classic color lead is the oily color lead, which is a good tool for freehand drawing
3. Freehand painting with water-soluble color lead has a thin, pink feeling
4. Oily color lead has a kind of oily, shiny feeling
5. Water-soluble color lead is like paint, and oil-based classic color lead is like paint

Due to human measurement, please allow a slight deviation in size.
Due to the influence of light and display brightness, there may be slight differences
Between the tone of the photo and the actual project.


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