ZD BEST CULINARY TORCH - Chef Torch for Cooking Crème Brulee - Aluminum Hand Butane Kitchen Torch - Blow Torch with Adjustable Flame - Cooking Torch - Perfect for Baking, BBQs, and Crafts + Recipe Ebook

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HOW TO SURPRISE YOUR FAMILY WITH MOUTH-WATERING DISHES AT HOME Don’t spend your money on expensive restaurants. Our blow torch allows you to feel yourself a master chef on your kitchen. No matter whether you’re a beginner or a professional chef, with this refillable kitchen blow torch you can surprise your family with golden pastries or even with a seared salmon. It’ll always help you add a unique look and a marvelous taste to your baked & roasted food. HOW DOES OUR CULINARY TORCH BENEFIT YOU Made of heavy-duty metal, this food torch butane was crafted to serve you for a lifetime. It’s more durable in use than those cheaply made culinary torches; its sturdy base prevents against falling over of this blow torch lighter when you set it down; it’s so easy to maneuver with this small kitchen tool that has a special SAFETY PROTECTION; you can load the gas with no problems, when it runs out; this culinary torch micro butane lighter has 2 FIRE MODES, so adjust the fire intensity according to your needs; our culinary crème brulee torch can be used for searing meats, caramelizing meringues, melting cheese, toasting breads, roasting marshmallows, browning crème brulees, etc.; it’s helpful not only in kitchen but for both INSIDE & OUTSIDE USE. Thanks to its well-thought design, this blow torch suits for lightening a fireplace, welding, doing some repairs about the house, etc.; COMPACT SIZE of our blow torch makes its holding in hands comfy and allows to take it with you while camping or hiking; thanks to the MULTIPURPOSE VERSATILITY of this professional torch, you can use it as a gift for different events. SPECIFICATION Butane is not included; This cooking torch can burn up to 45 minutes; Size: 133*180*60mm; The instant flame can burn to an amazing 2.500 °F! Click ‘ADD TO CART’ right now & surprise everyone with amazing food at the next party.

★ COOK LIKE A MASTER CHEF – with our culinary butane torch, you can easily create mouth-watering dishes with the perfect glaze and impress your family and guests at home, while camping, hiking, barbecuing, etc;
★ MORE THAN JUST A KITCHEN TOOL – thanks to the innovative design, our SAFE adjustable flame lighter serves not only as an excellent cooking torch for crème brulee, meat, seafood, etc. but also as a durable butane blow torch for welding, soldering, brazing, jewelry crafting, repairs and more;
★ PREMIUM QUALITY & COMPACT SIZE – crafted of professional-grade materials, this blow torch will serve you for a lifetime. It’s stable on any surface. Plus, this food torch butane is lightweight and comfy to hold;
★ EASY IN USE –2 FIRE MODES of our blow torch lighter enables you to choose the needed size of the flame according to your requirements;
★ BONUS – order the best culinary torch right now and get a RECIPE E-BOOK as a bonus. Enjoy all of its benefits or give it as a gift. BUTANE NOT INCLUDED.

Glaze a baked ham. Lay pineapple slices or other fruit on the ham and sprinkle with sugar. Heat with a torch until the sugar caramelizes.

Toast bread crumb topping on salads. Sprinkle with buttered bread crumbs and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, then heat with a torch until golden brown.

Yummy tools will help to you with soldering, handmade jewelry, plumbing, arts and craft, can be used for all types of heat regards also for awesome dishes, options are endless once you start exploring!

Wonderful culinary butane-torch, used in the best cuisines of the world, is ideal for cooking and catering: copes with caramelizing sugar, adds color to the top of the crème-brulee, caramelizing texture for food, glazing.

Toast bread crumb topping on salads. Stuff tomato or avocado halves with chicken or tuna salad. Sprinkle with buttered bread crumbs and grated Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, then heat with a torch until golden brown.

Blow torch uses to control the degree of marshmallow roasting and dipping chocolate, cauterizing meringues, finishing products for presentation and adding drama when serving.

Yummy tools: Butane torch culinary fire will easily create swelling and skin for food, help to bake ham, lighting BBQ and fire cooking steak. Sweet peppers, tomatoes and roasting vegetables are very easy to make perfect. Fondue and toasted bread crumbs will be amazing.

Become a Master Chef of culinary masterpieces, impress your friends!
Sear tomato skins. Set a tomato on a heatproof surface or hold with tongs and heat with a torch until the skin starts to crack. Let cool, then peel. Provides a delicious taste to tomatoes.

Broil grapefruit for a breakfast treat. Cut a grapefruit in half and pat the cut surface dry with a paper towel. Spread a little soft butter on the surface, then sprinkle with cinnamon and a thin layer of sugar. Heat with a torch until the sugar bubbles, and voile, you have created a delightful breakfast treat.

Make a crisp topping for oatmeal. Spoon cooked oatmeal into a bowl, sprinkle with a thin layer of sugar and heat with a torch until crispy. Gives a whole different taste to an ordinary breakfast meal.

Melt cheese. For a delicious finishing touch, top onion soup gratinée or chili with grated cheese and melt with a torch. Fast simple and provides a mouthful of flavor.

Roast bell peppers. Hold a bell pepper with tongs and heat with a torch until the skin is charred. Place the pepper in a paper bag, let cool and then peel.

Throw a s'mores party. Place graham crackers, chocolate bars and marshmallows on a platter. Invite guests to spear marshmallows with fondue forks and toast them with a torch, then assemble their own dessert sandwiches.

Create burnt sugar garnishes. Place on a greased cookie cutter on a Silpat liner and sprinkle a thin layer of sugar inside the cutter. Heat with a torch until crisp, then lift off the cutter. Use the burnt sugar decoration to garnish hot chocolate, coffee drinks or desserts, such as ice cream or frosted cakes.

Prepare an aromatic fruit compote. Pour Grand Marnier or another liqueur into a stainless-steel measuring cup and heat with a torch. Pour the warmed liqueur over a fruit compote.

Create a sugar crust on a rolled sponge cake. Sprinkle the cake with sugar and heat with a torch until the sugar is crisp and golden