Germany Finetec Coliro Pearlescent Handmade Solid Watercolor Paint Set 6/12 Color Mica Composition Calligraphy Painting Supplies

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Name: Pearlescent solid watercolor paint
Specifications: A total of 12 sets
Packing: paper box + plastic box
Material: Mica Medium
Application: artistic writing, watercolor, painting, etc.
Description: The concentrated paint can be painted as soon as it is dipped in it, soak the brush with water, and lightly wipe on the paint block to draw a picture.

  Here comes German Finetec Pearlescent Watercolor! Whether it is painting or writing, it can easily do the job!
Colird (originally called Finetec) is a net red-grade solid watercolor pigment, hand-made from high-quality mica pigments mixed with gum arabic, each color has a uniform texture.
Mica is a natural material, composed of a variety of minerals, and resistant to light and heat, so it can be used on any surface that can absorb water, such as paper, wood, plaster, and so on.
Different colors can be mixed with each other with water as a medium to form different shades. Therefore, this pearl lump watercolor cake can be applied to a variety of artistic creations, such as dip pens, English calligraphy, as well as various handmade and painting.
Use as follows:
Use a brush to dip in water, apply to solid watercolor, and take an appropriate amount to paint directly on paper.
Use a brush to dip in water, apply to solid watercolor, and then brush to the tip of the pen to write.
Features Rich colors, glitter effect, particularly strong coverage, and a feeling similar to acrylic paint, but not as heavy as acrylic paint. In terms of English calligraphy writing, this pigmented hairspring has a very fine performance. The shade part will have a slight bump effect after it is completely dry. It is very magical ~ it is blingbling under different light, which is too suitable for creation!

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