Guangna 1PCS 2.0MM Water-Based Metallic Marker Black Card Paint Metal Surface Permanent Paint Marker DIY Album Pen Art Supplies

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Mainly used in body painting, skateboarding, paper, photo albums, ceramics, glass, plastic, cloth, shoes, stone, wood, fine art painting, etc.
Stone: After drying, it is waterproof
Skin: Use on the skin and wash off with warm water.
Shoes: The graffiti on the shoes will not fade in the rain, but the color will fade after long-term friction
Glass, ceramics: After the surface is dry, the color will not fade after normal touch, but it can be wiped off by washing with a damp cloth.
Fabric: You can do graffiti on non-woven fabrics, T-shirts and canvas shoes. After natural air drying for 24 hours, the color will not fade after touching water.
Scrubbing and chemical detergent are not recommended. If you apply too thick scrubbing, the color will fade