AOOKGAME Bluetooth Wireless Joystick Game Console Controller with LED Light for Nintend Switch PC Android NS

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Application Instruction

1.Applicable device: N-Switch console/PC(Win 7/8/10)/Android tablet and smart phone,to play games after BT connected!
2.The structure conforms to ergonomics and feels comfortable.
3.3D Joystick moudles and Button Moudles are interchangeable according to the user's own experience and habit to change their locations. 4.Back key L1,L2,R1,R2 auto-defined programming. 5.Colorful Fire breath LED back breath light.

Electrical Parameters

Input voltage/crrent:DC5V/500mA Working voltage::DC3.7V
 BT 3.0,transmission distance:≤8M Working current:<35 mA Battery:650mAh 
Working time:>15H
 Standby time:30days afterfully charged
 Sleep current:<40uA

Charging/Sleep/Wake-up/Power of/RGB Light:

Charging:Charge under shutdown,LED1,2,3 will flashes slowly at the same time,middle colorfullight indicate to green and is always on,LED1,2,3,4 wll be offafterfuly charged,middle colorful fire light indicate to red and is always on;
Charge under connected status,LED light flashes slowly,colorful fre light flashes,indica- tor is always on after fully charged;
Lower power: In any mode,lower power indicate LED4 flashes slowly,colorfulfire light flashes;