Kuretake Solid Watercolor Paint Starry Sky/Pearl/Gem Color Metallic Watercolor Paint Set for Painting Art Supplies

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Product name: watercolor paint
Brand: Kuretake
Product size: 195*70mm
Single piece of paint size: 27*47mm
Specifications: 6-color metallic starlight color, 6-color rose pearl color, 6-color gem color, 6-color opal color
Features: The color of this watercolor is even and thick, it can be used when dipped in water, the color is even and full, and the covering power is strong. The effect is especially good on dark paper. It is the best choice for hand-painting, design and creation.
1. Because the paint cannot be completely removed when it comes into contact with clothing, please use it carefully;
2. If the surface of the pigment is not smooth, it is a normal phenomenon and does not affect the quality and use of the pigment;
3. After use, you need to wait for the water on the surface of the paint to dry completely before storing it;
4. When storing, please keep the paint level up and avoid high temperature and humidity.

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