Montmartre Gouache Set Fine Art Flat-headed Bristle Oil Brush Watercolor Acrylic Fan-shaped Nylon Brush Set Row Pen Brush Student Painting Color Pen [Buy, get 1 bag of gouache paper]

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Place of Origin: CN (Place of Origin)
Packing: set
Age:> 6 years old
Model: BMHS1004-9
Painting creation: paper
Capacity: 30ml Product name: 10-brush illustration iron frame Paint type: gouache, oil painting, acrylic Pen material: birch pen holder color painting Material: nickel-plated copper tube Capillary material: nylon/bristle
About Products
1. Plump and tough brush hair
Artisan’s hair is not easy to explode, and the hair is firm and elastic
2. The brush strokes are smooth and orderly
Strictly choose high-quality brushes, good pigment absorption, easy to control brush strokes
3. The alleys are tight
The double buckle prevents the nib from falling off, and the copper tube has a bright texture and corrosion resistance
4. Paint the birch pen holder
The pen holder has high hardness and comfortable grip. Macaron color paint is bright and beautiful
5. This series of brush sets are suitable for various paintings, such as gouache, oil painting, acrylic, etc.
6. Function
The first stage of main drafting is used for color printing
Main tile/brush/knead
The color block sums up the whole
Large fan pen
Mainly used to spread color and color on the bright surface of the object, mostly large color blocks
Can quickly spread color blocks
Small and medium fan pen
In the object shaping stage, the stroke changes are more abundant
Use pendulum, kneading, sweeping, picking, dragging and other techniques for comprehensive expression
Flat round peak / flat peak pen
Used to shape the details of the picture, such as the processing of the edge of the object.
Hook line pen
Picture detail processing, mainly focusing on points and lines to enrich the picture details and play an embellishment role