Paul Rubens 48 Colors Half Pan Artist‘s Watercolor Paint Professional Water Color Paint Pigment for Painting Art Supplies

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Condition:100% brand new and high quality

Type:  Water color

Use:Schools & Offices

Capacity: half pan


Package included:

1pc * half pan watercolor

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A203-Titanium White: PW6 - Lightfastness 8 - Opaque
C202-Naple Yellow Light: PY53 - Lightfastness 8 - Opaque
A233-Permanent Lemon Yellow: PY3 - Lightfastness 7 - Half Opaque
D243-Cadmium Yellow Medium: PY35 - Lightfastness 8 - Opaque
D238-Cadmium Orange Yellow: PO20 - Lightfastness 8 - Opaque
A247-Permanent Yellow Medium: PY65 - Lightfastness 5 - Opaque
A152-Transparent Medium Yellow: PY83 PY110 - Lightfastness 6 - Completely Transparent
B252-Indian Yellow: PY83 - Lightfastness 7 - Completely Transparent
C150-Nickel Yellow: PY150 - Lightfastness 8 - Completely Transparent
B254-Permanent Orange Red: PO73 - Lightfastness 7 - Half Opaque
D216-Cadmium Red Light: PR108 - Lightfastness 8 – Half Opaque
B229-Chinese Red: PR254 - Lightfastness 8 – Half Transparent
D215-Cadmium Red: PR108 - Lightfastness 8 - Completely Transparent
B222-Scarlet: PR123 - Lightfastness 7 - Completely Transparent
B212-Rose Red: PV19, - Lightfastness 8 - Completely Transparent
B220-Madder Red: PR177 - Lightfastness 6 – Half Opaque
B213-Megenta: PR122 - Lightfastness 7 - Completely Transparent
C313-Violet: PV19 - Lightfastness 7 – Completely Transparent
F310-Permanent Violet: PV23 - Lightfastness 7 - Completely Transparent
D115-Royal Purple: PV19, PB29 - Lightfastness 8 - Half Transparent
E290-Cobalt Blue: PB28 - Lightfastness 8 - Completely Transparent
E289-Deep Cobalt Blue:PB28 - Lightfastness 8 - Completely Transparent
B193-France Ultramarine: PB29 - Lightfastness 8 – Completely Transparent
A194-The Peacock Blue: PB17 - Lightfastness 5 - Completely Transparent
E304-Sky Blue: PB36 – Lightfastness 8 - Opaque
A306-Sea Blue: PB15.3 - Lightfastness 7 – Opaque
A297-Prussian Blue: PB27 – Lightfastness 6-Half Transparent
A299-Payn’s Grey: PB15, PB29, PBK9-Lightfastness 6-Completely Transparent
E292-Turquoise Light: PB36 – Lightfastness 8 – Half Opaque
D182-Turquoise Deep: PG26-Lightfastness 8-Half Opaque
A602-Malachit Green: PY101, PB17-Lightfastness 5-Completely Transparent
A160-Emeral Green Deep: PG7-Lightfastness7-Completely Transparent
C183-Hooker’s Green Brillight: PG17-Lightfastness 8-Completely Transparent
B174-Olive Green: PG36, PY12, PR101, PW5 – Lightfastness 6- Half Transparent
A175-Tree Green: PG36, PY12, PR101, PW5-Lightfastness 8- Completely Transparent
A166-Permanent Green: PG36, PY3, PY74 – Lightfastness 7- Half Transparent
A168-Yellow Green: PG36, PY74 – Lightfastness 8 – Half Transparent
B324-Lemon Sienna: PY42 – Lightfastness 5- Completely Transparent
A234-Yellow Ochre: PY42 – Lightfastness 8 - Opaque
C255-Naple Yellow: PBR24 – Lightfastness 8 - Opaque
B277-Raw Umber: PBR7 – Lightfastness 8 – Completely Transparent
A334-Umber: PR01, PBR7 – Lightfastness 8 – Completely Transparent
B318-Pozzuoli Red Ochre: PR101 – Lightfastness 8 - Opaque
A339-Van Dyke Brown: PBR7 – Lightfastness 8 – Completely Transparent
A333-Burned Sienna: PB7 – Lightfastness 8 – Completely Transparent
A336-Burned Brown: PBR7 – Lightfastness 8 – Completely Transparent
A340-Coal Black: PBK7 – Lightfastness 8 - Opaque
B322-Ivory Black: PBR9 – Lightfastness 8 – Completely Transparent
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