Paul Rubens Watercolor Painting Paper Pad 300g 20 Sheets 100% Cotton Leather Cover Portable Art Aquarelle Watercolor Book

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product information:
Name: Rubens Watercolor Handbook
Specification: 64K/32K/16K
Weight: 300g/m²
Texture: fine lines
Number of sheets: 20 sheets/book
Features: portable watercolor handbook, easy to draw, portable and convenientO1CN011FzWvl1dBj8h8xYiE_!!0-item_pic10625489792_340457625

O1CN01NLFZMH1dBj8jHjoEE_!!3710443698O1CN015XRjV81dBj8itmWWW_!!3710443698PUAL RUBENS Brand Story

In 2011 with unremitting effort, Mr You had digged out more than 1700 single color ore and successfully created the pigment craftsmanship through numerous experiments, overcoming many technical barriers, Thus brand PAUL RUBENS was born. In 2013 we developed watercolor series, and the emerge of domestic solid watercolor opened a new chapter for China watercolor. Attracting the world's attention, the invent of pearlescent solid watercolor makes China watercolor shinning in world stage.