1500W Table Mini PTC Heater for Home Bedroom Office Remote Control Electric Heater Low Consumption Vertical Heating Fans

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Three-second fast heat

warm feeling for your“warm winter

Instant heating, warm and healthy

Nine skills to keep your warmth

Intelligent timing

Constant temperature heating Three-gear adjustment

Shake its head inall-round perspective

Less noise to heat

Remote control

Room temperature display

PTC ceramic heatingoverheating protection

Natural and comfortable, warm like sunshine

Enjoy life with instant and constant temperature heating

The beautiful and graceful shape, with durable anduseful metal grille

.Three seconds to heat the whole house1500W high power to heat without pressure

High-power for instant heating to quickly heat up the whole room

PTC heating, safe and explosion-proof

Fast heating, without light and noise

The secret of instant heating lies in efficient ceramic PTC heating

PTC with highthermal efficiencyThe heater isageing-resistantLong service lifeBe safer

PTC can achievequick heating upQuick heating.instant heatingup by simply turning orair warmer, keepingconstant temperatureenergy savingand power saving

No light emittinghealthy and comfortableNo light emitting, nonoise, no oxygenconsumption whenheating, healthy andcomfortable