AOOKMIYA Acrylic Watercolor Paint Empty Box 16/36 Grid Transparent Palette Dustproof Magnetic Suction Stackable Portable Box Art Supplies

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Note: Only acrylic empty boxes are sold, watercolor paints are not included, thank you.

Name: 16/36 grid acrylic color box with lid
Material: acrylic
Box size: 0.9*0.9cm/12*12cm
Lattice size: 1.5×1.5×0.75cm
Capacity: 1.5ml*16 cells/1.5ml*36 cells
Features: Highly transparent material, easy to clean, simple and elegant, easy to moisturize with cover,Can be used in multiple overlapping.
Description: Watercolor is for display effect, only acrylic empty box is sold, watercolor paint is not included, thank you.

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