AOOKMIYA Adjustable Artist Easel Stand Solid Beech Wood Portable Collapsible Telescopic Tripod Easel Painting Drawing Canvas Sketchbook

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Material: Red beech
Metal parts: all gold-plated parts, quality assurance
Polishing: Professional sanding machine polishing, smooth polishing, no burrs;

Easel size: 100*84*126/181cm
Product weight: 1.92kg
Description: 1, using imported red oak wood, with high-quality hardware accessories, classic packaging. 2, the surface is super smooth, no burr, anti-corrosion, moisture, sun, acid, anti-oxidation.

Product advantages: This is a thickened upgraded version of the wooden three-legged easel, which is mainly used for painting in the wild, especially its bearing capacity is larger than the ordinary easel (metal flower stand). It is very convenient to use. One thing to note here: If you are painting at home, it is recommended to support the corners at the back, which will make the easel more secure. In the wild, just insert the corners into the soil, so that it can be firmly fixed, and the same can be fixed with stones.