AOOKMIYA AOOKMIYA Palette Watercolor Lid Tray Wood Palettes Case Artist Student Wooden Paint Pallet DIY Pigment

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This item is a Watercolor Pigment Box, which is made of high-class material. It is designed in pretty shape, light weight and easy to wash. Right size makes it convenient for color modulation, it is a nice and wonderful accessory for different painting works.


-The Watercolor Pigment Box is easy to use, practical and durable, can bring convenience for you during painting.
-You can use it with any painting color mixing board to help your drawing and color mixing.
-The Pigment Holder is suitable for both amateurs and professional painters, artists, students or kids.
-Good and high-class material with stable performance, giving the box a long service time.
-This watercolor palette is perfect for the classroom, travel, and painting. Suitable for students, occasional users, and professional artists.

1 x Watercolor Pigment Box