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Product information
Name: white porcelain pigment palette
Pen rest: diameter 11cm;height 3cm
Small color palette: diameter 8.5cm;height 1.3cm
Medium color palette: diameter 15cm;height 2.5cm
Large color palette: diameter 19.1cm ;height 1.5cm

Material: bone reinforced porcelain
Process: white glaze
Scope of application: watercolor, gouache, etc
1.easy color matching
2. easy cleaning

Handmade, warm and like jade
2. Style
Modern style, showing simplicity
3. Craft
White glaze technology, delicate workmanship

01. White glaze process
White glaze process, delicate and textured
02 simple shape
Bright and shiny, simple shape
03. Bone porcelain material
Choose low bone reinforced porcelain, bright color
04 non-slip bottom
The bottom of the dish is non-slip and safe to use