AOOKMIYA White Ceramic Palette Multi-Grid Watercolor Pastel Chinese Painting Calligraphy Paint Box Calligraphy Art Supplies palette

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Product name: ceramic paint tray
Product size: rectangle 3 grids 8.5 inches 20*14.5cm
                     Rectangle 3 grid 10 inch 25*18cm
                     Square 8 grid small 17.5*17.5*2.2cm
                     Square 8 grid large 25.6*25.6*1.5cm
                     Rectangle 20 grids 19*13.5cm
Material: Ceramic
Purpose: painting use
Scope of application: used for watercolor and gouache toning

Features: The color toning function is intact, and the glaze is intact
            Slight black spots, bumps, and uneven surface are normal