AOOKMIYA White Paint Ceramic Paint Palette 10 Watercolors Mixing Palette Tray Painting Color Pallet Pigment Mixing Plates Artist Painters

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Perfect for artists, professional painters, amateurs, students and teachers, a great gift for kids and friends. Great for beading, organizing, sorting, craft projects,' painting projects and parties.


Porcelain Color Mixing Tray 5 round wells, 5 rectangular wells. |Porcelain Color Mixing Tray Made of ceramics, provide the advantages of both the porcelain and plastic ones, ideal for watercolour, gouache, acrylic and oil painting. |Porcelain Color Mixing Tray A great gift for kids and friends.|Porcelain Color Mixing Tray Pure white surface makes colors come alive and easy to mix.|Porcelain Color Mixing Tray Smooth and professional texture, supper.

- Color: White.
- Size: Approx. 19. 3* 11* 1. 8cm (* W* ).
- Material: Ceremic.