Car heater 12v24v universal car rotatable adjustable cold-resistant glass defrost mist heating mini car heater multi-purpose fan

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[Product Features] : car defrosting and fog removal, rapid heating, winter travel, warm and comfortable.
1.ABS material is heat-resistant for a long time, small size, does not block sight, safe driving.
2. The use of anti-oxidation alloy heating wire, high heat conversion, fast heating, slow aging, long use time.
3. Cold and warm air design, two adjustable to meet the needs of owners.
4. The base of the heater can be adjusted to 360-degree universal rotation, flexibly adjust the direction of the tuyere, and the bottom is firmly glued by strong double-sided tape.
5. Hollow design at the top, faster air intake, and easy heat dissipation.
6. Easy to use, cigarette lighter plug is 12/24V optional, power cord length is about 1.5 meters.
7. If the current limit model, you can buy the heater current limit line.
Switch position: "=" for natural wind; "O" indicates off. "One" is the heating wind.