Holbein HWC Artist Transparent Watercolor Paint Sets 12/18/24/30/48/60/108 Colors 5ml Professional Drawing Supplies

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Holbein Watercolor Tube 5ml Set Caroling series

High transparency and tinting strength, no granulation, it's easy to create a glazing effect and colors are clear and bright on the page.
Excellent lightfastness, the rate is 3, even if the pigment is diluted with a lot of water, the paint won't fade for a long time. And it does not crack when they get dry.
The set provides up to 108 bright color options for a wider range of paints. The color is strong, transparent, rich, clear and bright. It is an ideal watercolor set for students, amateurs and beginners.
The package is used for the aluminum tube, it has wonderful airtightness, to protect from being oxidized and corroded, so that you can keep them for a long time and it won’t get dried.
Outside of the packaging is very strong and advanced, is the best choice for gifts.