AOOKMIYA Paul Rubens Watercolor Paint Set, 24 Vivid Colors Water Coloring Paint Full Pan with Watercolor Block for Artists, Newbie, Student

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Product Description

Watercolor Paper Blocks are glued on all four sides, and this allows you to paint on the top sheet and no need to tape down paper or use an aboard, which brings more convenience when you painting with it. You can load the water on the top page of the watercolor block. Since all four sides are glued down, after your painting is dried, the paper will stay nice and flat. Then used paper can be removed and the sheets underneath will be clean and ready for use, it also can keep the rest of the paper stay dry and dust-proof. How to remove the paper from a watercolor block? 1. After the paint is completely dry, please flip over the block and look for the area where there is an unglued opening on it. 2. You can insert a paint knife, palette knife, butter knife, letter opener, or a blade in the small gap of the glue to gently remove the top sheet off the paper. 3. Gently run the knife around the edge of the sheet, rotating the block counter-clockwise while moving the knifer in the opposite direction. 4. Continue splitting the glue until the sheet breaks away. Then remove any remaining glue from the top sheet using your fingers. Safety Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years. Use by children: only under adult supervision.