AOOKMIYA Paul Rubens Watercolor Paint Set Full Pan, 24 Vivid Colors Water Coloring Paint in Pocket Box with Metal Ring, High Transparency Intense and Durable, No Chalky, Perfect for Students, Kids, Beginners

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Paul Rubens student grade watercolor paint, with 24 vivid colors, large full pan set, high pigment easy to use

Watercolor paint is a water-based medium that needs to work with water, but the water is not that easy to control, so high-quality watercolor paint is as important as watercolor papers for watercolor painters.

Paul Rubens is dedicated to providing a high concentration of finely ground pigment with high permanence ratings for watercolor artists. With many years of tests and experiments, Paul Ruben has created its own unique watercolor pigment craftsmanship. Most of Paul Rubens's watercolor paints are single-pigment colors, the single-pigment color is much more vibrant and intense, you will get brighter colors, clearer mixes, which is very important to watercolor painting. It allows you to create unique and vibrant artworks. With high transparency and tinting strength, good lightfastness, no granulation, which makes Paul Rubens watercolor paint the perfect choice.

large pan set watercolor paintlarge pan set watercolor paint

watercolor paintwatercolor paint

watercolor paint setwatercolor paint set

Double watercolor paint, brings much more fun

Each color comes with a large full-sized pan set, which allows you to use larger brushes with them, makes it easier and quicker to paint on a large area. Release your inspiration with a lot of colors and a lot of paints, no need to worry about it will be used out quickly.

Made of high purity pigment

It adopted high-quality Arabic gum, which can increase the gloss and transparency of watercolors. It will also heighten the intensity of the colors and make the paint more soluble. It also makes watercolors easier to mix with water, it is smooth and easy to apply for both professionals and beginners.

Vibrant and intense, brighter, clearer mixes

It provides 24 vibrant color options to meet your needs, high pigment quality, mix well and are fluid. And there's no chalky or grainy feel to them after they are dry. With the highly pigmented watercolor paint, your inspiration will be easier to displayed on paper and performed better, it brings your idea into reality.

watercolor paintwatercolor paint

watercolor paintwatercolor paint
Can Be Used for Many Watercolor Techniques

  • Watercolor dry washes
  • Watercolor wet washes
  • Wet-in-wet watercolor painting
  • watercolor underpainting
  • Gradients and color blending
  • Layering watercolors
  • Dry brush
  • Watercolor blooms
  • Feathering
  • Adding texture with salt

Ae Excellent Gift for Hobbyist/Travel Watercolor Set

24 Vivid Colors Watercolor Paint Full Pan Set for Artists, Beginner, Students, Kids

This watercolor paint is produced with high-purity pigments, with natural gum Arabic used as the binder, it’s very delicate, giving the colors a rich luster. It also makes watercolors easier to mix with water, it is smooth and easy to apply, vibrant colors, you will have fun with mixing colors and getting the hang of watercolor painting.

  • High transparency and tinting strength, no granulation, it's easy to create a glazing effect and colors are clear and bright on the page.
  • The set has great color selection, high pigment quality, mixes well. And there's no chalky or grainy feel to them after they are dry.
  • Comes with the sturdy metal case and there is a metal ring under the case that makes it easy to hold the paint set when you are creating.