AOOKMIYA 166PCS Watch Repair Tool Kit + Watch Press Set, Professional Spring Bar Tool Set,Watch Band Link Pin Tool Set with Carrying Case, Watch Battery Replacement Tool Kits, yellow

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Product description

【Wide Applicability】 The professional watch repair kit is very suitable for repairing and adjusting the watch, such as disassembling the strap, opening the back cover of the watch, replacing the clock battery, replacing the strap, adjusting the strap, cleaning the inside of the watch, maintaining the inside of the watch, etc.
【 High-quality】 professional tool kits-watch chain link disassembly kits are made of steel, sturdy and durable, and can be used for various functions such as disassembly and installation when repairing various watches, such as watch presses, which are specially designed , You can close the back cover of the watch within 15 minutes.
【Easy to Store and Carry】 The watch repair kit is a zipper design, has a small size, and a drawstring design is easy to store and easy to clean, and can be carried out anywhere. It is an ideal choice for professionals or families.
The brown cover at one end of the screwdriver can be opened, and the inside is hollow to store the screwdriver bit. Two kinds of repair tools after the watch, manual and semi-automatic, you can choose the tool you like to repair
【VARIOUS DIES TO FIT YOUR WATCH】 - 12 dies double size to allow for 50/48mm 46/44mm 42/40mm 38/36mm 34/33mm 32/31mm 30/28mm 26/24mm 23/21mm 20/18mm.The various sizes make it easy to find the right ones.Pls see the video on YouTube before use it,no instructions in the package.
WELL MADE -The press is of metal construction and the assorted disks are hard durable plastic.The arm of the press is spring loaded it keeps the press in the open position.
【WATCH CASE BACK OPENING TOOL KNIFE】 - This 4PCS different blades is configured to make opening certain cases easier. Simply place the blade under the case back and twist. Made of a durable stainless steel and plastic.Simply place the blade under the case back and pry it off.
TWEEZER & Cloths- This watch press set comes with a tweezer. You can take out the battery easily and solve the t