Brutfuner - Oil based, Soft Core, Artist Quality, Coloured Drawing Sketch Pencil

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Brutfuner Coloured Pencils - Available in sets of 48, 72,120 and 160 Pencils  

These Oil based, soft core, Artist Quality Pencils offer bright vivid colours in the primary and secondary ranges you would expect, with the addition of tints and shades of your basic colours in the larger sets. The 160 pencil set also includes a good selection of portrait colours, warm and cool greys, neons and metallics, not generally found in mixed colour sets.

The pencils are manufactured with a strong, highly pigmented soft core encased in a break resistant wood barrel which is colour coded to the cores, individually numbered for colour selection/reference and are comfortable to hold in hand. At a budget-friendly entry level price point they compare very favourably with their higher priced counterparts and lay down intense colour with smooth creamy strokes from pencil to paper, allowing for easy blending, layering and burnishing with very little pressure.

The vivid colours give good coverage, resist fading, and come pre-sharpened so there is no wait time to begin your piece. Whether your a primary school Picasso, an adult colouring book enthusiast or a more experienced practicing Artist coloured pencils allow for creative expression par excellence and these pencils will not disappoint.

Packaged in a PET box with individual trays to provide both organised storage and protection for your pencils, the larger sets are also equipped with a handle making them portable and easy to carry, just pop a sketchbook into the back of your pencils and your good to go for Plein-air Drawing or sketching. Perfect for Fine Art, Illustration, Drawing/Sketching, Craft, Adult and Children’s Colouring Books, Scrapbooking, Mixed media, Journalling, Card-making, the array of available colours will brighten any mood, inspire creativity and stimulate the imagination. 

If colour makes you happy these pencils can provide happiness in spades!

  • Artist Grade Pencil
  • High Pigment Load
  • Soft Buttery Core during lay down
  • Core strong enough to resist breaking
  • Sharpen well and hold a point
  • Light and comfortable to hold in hand
  • Layer, blend and burnish well
  • Break resistant colour coded and numbered wooden barrel
  • Convenient packaging for storage and colour selection
  • Multiple application uses
  • Non-toxic and eco-friendly