DELI 9pcsL Type Double-End Screwdriver Hex Wrench End Hex Key Set Ball End Hex Key with Black Finish Set Repair Hand Tool Set

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• 9PCSL Type Double-End Screwdriver :This wrench set comes with a 9PCSL type double-end screwdriver, making it versatile and perfect for various tasks.

• Hex Wrench End and Ball End :The set includes both hex wrench end and ball end, providing more options for different types of screws.

• Black Finish :The black finish not only adds a sleek look to the set but also provides corrosion resistance, ensuring durability.

• Made of Chromium-vanadium Steel :The wrench set is made of high-quality chromium-vanadium steel, ensuring strength and longevity.


1. Cr-V Materail for better performance

2. Plastic frame for better appearance and easy carry

3. Laser scale for clear identity and abrasion resistance


Size: 1.5 、 2 、 2.5 、 3 、 4 、 5 、 6 、 8 、 10mm

Material: CR-V

Package includes:

1*9PCs long flat end hex key set with black finish set/9PCs long ball end hex key set with black finishset

The product size is manual measurement, and there is a certain size error,please refer to the specific physical object