Deli Double Sided Tape Strong Fixation Translucent Mesh Waterproof Super Traceless High Viscosity Fixed Carpet Adhesive Tape

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Name: Double-sided Fiberglass Grid Tape

Colour: Transparent

Width: 15mm/30mm/45mm

Length: 10/20m

Material: Cloth Base

Stickiness: Strong stickiness


1. Moisture-proof - moderately reflective color, waterproof material.

2. High conformability - the cloth base material is soft, suitable for application without warping, wrinkling, and displacement, and the performance is reliable.

3. Strong stickiness--one more layer of cloth base material than ordinary tape, stronger stickiness, thicker and higher stickiness.


【STRONG PERFORMANCE】Rug tape ,high tensile strength, strong adhesion, resistance to pulling, not easy to detach, waterproof, temperature resistance, no residue after tearing off, and will not damage the floor surface,thin and invisible. It has super adhesion to the hardwood floor or ceramic tile surface, the fixed carpet will not be moved.

【PREVENT SLIPS】This double-sided tape will ensure that carpets are fastened securely to the ground, preventing pets, children, adults, and the elderly from slipping or falling. The tape will also ensure that carpets lie flat and do not curl up, preventing tripping or falling over uneven sections of carpet. Carpets that are lying flat will also remain in their best condition for longer when secured with such tape underneath.

【WIDE APPLICATION】This double-sided carpet tape will stick to rough and smooth surfaces and withstand foot traffic and vacuuming. It can be used for securing carpets, mats, door mats, and car mats, as well as carpeting to hardwood, wood, tile, plastic.

【EASY TO APPLY】First clean your surface thoroughly. Then, cut the amount of tape you need, remove one side of backing and apply to carpet (or other surface). Lastly, remove second backing and press firmly to the floor (or any other surface). This will keep carpets firmly held in place. However, if you need to pull up the tape to rearrange or clean, the adhesive will come up without ruining your floor or other surface.