Handmade Red Flower Tea Yunlong Brush ink Calligraphy Painting Work Rice Paper

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1. Quantity: 100 pcs.


3.Paper sex: half a lifetime half ripe


Known as "dragon-clouds" paper, it is translucent white, PH neutral and archival, works well with most water-based art media including watercolors and fluid acrylics. Semi-sized, resists bleeding and shows color brilliantly, appropriate for painting landscapes, animals, plants and flowers, etc. It is very durable for split brush painting, finger painting, wet-washing, mounting and marbling techniques.

Perfect for brush painting or sumi-e, and also good for Calligraphy, Mounting, Rubbing, Stamping, Kite, Lantern, Window Covering, collage etc.

Dragon of the raw materials to promote great skin, mulberry, wood pulp primarily.Paper is like ground-glass translucent, made of paper fiber texture points two degree, flexibility is good, strong tension, smoothness is high, the paper has white and tender , colour and lustre is unchanged. Is half a lifetime half ripe class. Mainly used for calligraphy lowercase needs painting, also widely used in tea packaging, tea cake, food medicinal materials, ginseng, velvet antler, food, packing paper, and other kinds of packaging special paper and process, books, lanterns and umbrella industry, chimney, paper fan, kite, moistureproof insect-resistant, handicraft packaging, precision electronic packaging, craft gift box packaging.

In addition, it also used in the Windows of the antique buildings, door, screen.