AOOKMIYA Paul Rubens Professional Soft Pastels, 40 Portrait Colors Chalk Pastels Vibrant Smooth and High Adhesion for Painting, Drawing, Blending, Crafting, Ideal Art Supplies for Artists, Beginners

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Soft Pastel 40-color set Soft Pastel Soft Pastel 40-color set Soft Pastel

Paul Rubens 40 Colors Hand-Rolled Artist Soft Pastel, Portraits Ideal for Professional, Art Lovers, Crafting, Drawing, Blending,Portraits

First of all, we have to know that chalk pastels are not oil pastels or crayons.Compared with crayons and oil pastels, soft pastels are more delicate, the colors are brighter, and the coloring is easier.

How to use chalk pastels?

  • 1. When using the soft pastels, you can be applied with light force, and then rubbed with fingers or paper erasable pencil.
  • 2. The soft pastel has good coverage, so if you use the wrong color, you can cover it with the correct color soft pastel, or use a scraper, painting knife or other tools to remove it. If other colors are stuck, you can erase them with paper (or painting knife )and paint them again.
  • 3. When using soft pastels of different colors alternately, be careful not to mix other colors on the soft pastel, it may cause the picture will look messy.
  • 4. There is a little loose powder is normal, because it is chalk pastel.
  • 5. The edge of the soft pastel can be used to outline lines. Break the pastel into the target size and use the sides of it to color in. The sides are suitable for large areas of coloring.
Soft PastesSoft Pastes

soft pastelssoft pastels

  • Pastel blending: Blend with a sketch sponge or blending stump, finger or brush for a soft, even effect.
  • Hand-Rolled Soft Pastel: With pure pigment and nature adhesives in a specific ratio, is hand-rolled, which will give the pastels a top-quality texture of smoothness and softness.
  • Ideal for illustration and drawing and short length makes it easy to express delicate works.

The Best Professional-Grade Soft Pastels for the Richest Color--Paul Rubens Hand-Rolled Artist Soft Pastels

  • Paul Rubens Professional-grade soft pastels not only are more powdery than hard pastels, also have excellent lightfastness.
  • Made with safe, high-quality pigments and raw materials.The very best of them are formulated with an incredibly high ratio of pigment to binder to offer unmatched color richness.
  • Excellent color and color-development of pastel and all the techniques of pastel are applicable – Blending, Gradation, Dry wash.
  • Item specifications
  • Package Size:9.60 x 7.48 x 1.18 inches
  • Weight: 9.81oz
Soft  PastelsSoft  Pastels

  • Scrape off the powder of pastel: Scrape off the powder with a blade. Dipping the powder with a brush to coloring.
  • Pastel with other mediums: It can be matched with different traditional mediums, like oil pastels and colored pencils, to present different textures.
  • Color layering: Overwrite the original color directly with the new color.
  • White lines/dots creation: Use an eraser to create white lines or white dots.

Excellent Pure And Vibrant Pigment: Finely ground intense pigment has bright colors, strong lightfastness.

Soft PastelsSoft Pastels

Handmade 40 Vibrant Colors Chalk PastelsHandmade 40 Vibrant Colors Chalk Pastels

Chalk PastelsChalk Pastels

  • Hand-Rolled Artist Soft Pastel, non-toxic and non-hazardous, can be used without worry.

  • Fine and soft, fast coloring.

  • The texture is soft and spreads easily.
Artist Grade Hand-Rolled Soft PastelArtist Grade Hand-Rolled Soft Pastel

Natural color development and realistic painting effect.

While these colorful sticks can be costly, a set of reliable and beautiful ones is a worthwhile investment.