AOOKMIYA Paul Rubens Watercolor Block, High Absorption, Artist Quality Cold Pressed Watercolor Sketchbook, 100% Cotton 140 lb (300gsm) Sized 7.87x5.43'' for Beginners and Professionals Painters

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Paul Rubens Watercolor PaperPaul Rubens Watercolor Paper

Paul Rubens Watercolor Block, High Absorption, 100% Cotton & Acid-Free Cold-Pressed Paper, 20 Sheets, 140lb/300gsm, 7.87 x 5.43 inches

  • Watercolor paper with high absorption: The watercolor paper is made of premium long-staple cotton with high absorbency, which can better absorb colors of pigments and shorten the time you have to wait for the paint to air dry, 7.87 x 5.43 inches, 20 sheets, suitable for both beginners and artists.
  • Sealed with glue: The paper is sealed on all sides to better maintain the flatness and to provide wrinkle and moisture resistance, and the paper can be easily removed by scraping the seal with a card.
  • 300g acid-free paper: The 300g watercolor paper is suitable for multi-layer dyeing of watercolor. Made of 100% cotton pulp, the paper has a good water absorption and natural articulation of pigments can be achieved on it; and the paper is acid-free, which means that they will last longer under normal use conditions.
  • Cold-pressed paper: The paper has a medium texture that holds pigments and produces softer colors for most picture effects, allowing for a lot of watercolor techniques and enough brush detail performance. And both of the sides can be used, the paper can be more fully utilized.
  • Exquisite design: The watercolor paper includes 3 beautiful illustrations by watercolor artists on every few pages; the cover is beautifully designed and features thicker panels to support your creativity. Perfect as gifts for friends, children, and artists.
watercolor blockwatercolor block

The watercolor block is glued on all four sides, held securely in place by glue all around to ensure that the paper does not warp even after absorbing large amounts of water, stays nice and flat after the painting is dried. After removing the top of the sheet and the sheet underneath will be clean and ready for use.

Here are some tips for you to better use of the watercolor block:

  1. Please do not remove the paper from the watercolor block before you paint with it, because the glued block will keep your painting stay stays nice and flat after the painting is dried even with wet-on-wet washes.
  2. After the paint is completely dry, please flip over the block and look for the area where there is an unglued opening on it.
  3. You can insert a paint knife, palette knife, butter knife, letter opener, or a blade in the small gap of the glue to gently remove the top sheet off the paper.
  4. Gently run the knife around the edge of the sheet, rotating the block counter-clockwise while moving the knifer in the opposite direction.
  5. Continue splitting the glue until the sheet breaks away. Then remove any remaining glue from the top sheet using your fingers.

The texture of the paper itself adds to the aesthetic appeal of the final painting.




This Cold pressed paper is popular for precise styles of watercolor work because it’s good at showing a high level of brush detail.

This paper is also well adapted to styles that want to accentuate the watery irregularities of the paint and for combining pen and ink with watercolor.

This makes the paper good for glazing (successive layers of dried paint) although when there are many layers of paint the surface can get overloaded quickly.

The watercolor paper includes beautiful Illustrations by watercolor artists on every few pages, the features thicker panels to support your creativity

watercolor paperwatercolor paper

watercolor paperwatercolor paper

watercolor paperwatercolor paper

Watercolor paper with high absorption

Suitable for a variety of dry media, the thick 140lb (300gsm) paper in this bleedproof sketchbook means marker and ink won't come through. Acid-free sheets keep your artwork vibrant and long-lasting.

100% Cotton pulp, hardly fade

The paper is made of 100% cotton pulp, the pigments are dyed well on the paper; and it’s acid-free, which helps to better protect the details of your paintings and the vibrancy of the colors, making your artworks hardly fade over time.

300gsm watercolor paper

300gsm heavyweight watercolor papers, acid-free and chlorine-free, pH-neutral and archival, durable and strong enough for whether wet, dry or mixed media painting, and less likely to curl or warp.

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Watercolor Paint Watercolor Paint watercolor paint brush set Watercolor Paint Set Watercolor Paint Watercolor Paint
Colors 24 color 24 color 48 color+Brush 48 color +Paper 24 color 6 color
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SIZE 7.6 x 5.3 Inches 7.6 x 5.3 Inches 10.63 x 7.67 Inches 7.48'' Diameter 10.82 x 7.79'' 10.82 x 7.79''