AOOKMIYA Tpaitlss DV1 Spray Gun and 600ml Cup 1.3 Nozzle For Water Based Air Filter Sprayer Gun/Air Tools/For Car Face Paint/Airbrush

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DV1 Car Spray Gun and 600ml Cup with 1.3 Nozzle for Touchup & Spray Paint Car Basecoat Non Digital Gun Base Gun


  • Brand:De-(W/V) ILBISS

  • Air Cap & Type DV1-C1 Plus (HVLP)

  • Recommended Air Pressure at Digital Gauge 1.5 bar (22 psi)

  • Air Consumption 285 L/min (10.0 scfm)

  • Fluid Flow 140 - 190 g/min

  • Pattern Height 325 mm (12.8 in)


  • Delivers ultimate clearcoat application performance

  • Sprays a uniform pattern that lays the clear flat and easily wets up a surface

  • Atomizes effortlessly, producing an even distribution of super-fine particles

  • Provides maximum comfort and easy use from set-up through the entire spraying process

  • Provides improved transfer efficiency and saves time completing each job

Package List:

  • 1 x Car Spray gun

  • 1 x 600ml cup and Other accessories

  • 1 x User Manual