Metal box 12/24/48 color solid watercolor paint storage sub-package box with palette half/full block grid painting art supplies

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Product name: solid watercolor paint tin box
Process: Enamel tin box
Application: place watercolor paints, watercolor brushes, etc., with a color palette, easy to carry
Features: The shape of the iron box conforms to the ergonomic design, the hand feels comfortable, the enamel process, the bottom of part of the box cover is equipped with a circular buckle, which is good for anti-skid, anti-fall, easy and convenient to carry, not only can put watercolor paint, watercolor brush, It can also be used for watercolor toning.
Due to human measurement, please allow a slight deviation in size.
Due to the influence of light and monitor brightness, there may be slight differences between the color tone of the photo and the actual project.

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