Paul Rubens Watercolor Paint Set Artist Grade 24 Color Portable Metal Box Watercolor Brush for Artist Beginners Drawing Acuarela

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Advantages of this 24-piece watercolor paint set: ultra-pure pigments that won’t easily become muddy when mixed; high transparency; strong tinting; excellent lightfastness ratings. These top-quality paints will make your artwork stay vivid for a very long time.

We use extra-fine gum arabic to create these professional-grade watercolors, which produce paints that are easy to mix, lightfast, and permanent. We also offer a selection of truly unique colors.

Professional Extra Fine gum arabic based watercolors with unsurpassed purity and permanence, every batch made is tested and analyzed, bright colors, good transparency, high saturation, smooth drawing.

Each watercolor pan can be removed or replaced individually, so you can arrange your colors to your own preference. Our lightweight, pink tin is as beautiful as it is functional, and very convenient to carry on the go.

This set contains a mixing palette inside the lid, which can easily be washed. It is the best friend of travelers, artists, and amateur hobbyists.

24 Vibrant Colors: Permanent Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Medium, Indian Yellow, Cadmium Red Light, Scalet, Madder Red, Violet, Permanent Violet, Cobalt Blue, France Ultramarine, Sky Blue, Sea Blue, Prussian Blue, Prayn’s Grey, Yellow-Green, Tree Green, Huker’s Green Brillight, Pozzuoli Red Ochre, Burned Sienna, Emerald Green Deep, Burned Brown, Yellow Ochre, Umber, Coal Black