AOOK 品牌故事

Brand story


Headquartered in Guangming Economic Park, Qingcun Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, the company covers an area of ​​260 acres, and the R&D department is located in the New York Science and Technology Park in the United States. It is a company that integrates creative value and manufacturing advantages and focuses on stationery, art products, games, entertainment, and fashion fast-moving consumer goods. Comprehensive Technology Group.


At the age of 1996, MAX studied at the Art School of Tsinghua University in China. In 2004, he studied in the United States to study product industrial design. Commodity trade began during this period.


Five years of trading experience gave him a thorough knowledge of the operation rules of the entire industry, and he must rely on the brand to support it, otherwise he would definitely not be able to do it. It is almost impossible to build your own brand in a short time. After weighing repeatedly, MAX decided to set up a pen factory in Shanghai, starting from the birthplace of Shanghai, Hero, Yongsheng and other old brand pens.


In 2008, MAX bought 6 acres of land to build a factory in Fengxian and began to build the AOOK pen industry. MAX hired several experts from Canada, Germany and South Korea at the time as factory directors, while learning and doing it by himself. After two years of testing the waters, the combination of art and design has produced products that astound the world.


During that time, MAX lived in the factory 24 hours a day, and the workshop started working day and night. The production of a pen has to go through 40 procedures, and as long as there is an error in one link, it is waste. In the future, no matter where it is, MAX only needs to take a look at the product to know whether it is qualified.


In 2006, AOOK Stationery began to operate on a large scale, seeking benefits from scale

In 2008, AOOK Stationery enhanced its brand strategy and important agendas

In 2010, AOOK Stationery started chain retail business

In 2013, AOOK Stationery launched e-commerce and gradually opened up e-commerce business exploration.

In 2015, AOOK Stationery was approved to be listed on China Innovation Edition. Transaction code: 669195

In 2019, AOOK has opened up the international e-commerce market including the Amazon market, and has become a global art, entertainment, and fast-moving consumer goods comprehensive brand


AOOK is an English trademark, which is a combination of the English words AO and OK, meaning that it is very easy for customers to use the sound of admiration after they get the product. AO AO IT IS VERY OK! Abbreviated as AO-OK, the reason for the origin of these two words is AOOK designed the world's leading jelly pigment at the time. A Canadian artist appreciated the AOAOAO IT VERY GOOG OKOK! The company hopes that all customers are satisfied with AOOK's products and give the same appreciation!