100% Pure Natural Latex Pillow for Neck Pain Relieve Sleep Orthopedic Pillows Comfortable Breathable Cervical Health Care Pillow

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:Send an original pillowcase to each latex pillow
If you have any questions after receiving the goods or are not satisfied with the quality, you can contact us and we will give you a satisfactory solution.
Pillow height:10cm

why do you know?

Hardness: 41.5D,45D and 50D.

41.5D is a super soft pillow.

45D is a medium soft pillow.

50D is a Neck support pillow(Slightly soft).

Above: 50D, (Those who like super soft pillows are not recommended to buy a 50D neck support pillow)

95% of pillows can back sleep.25% of pillows can side sleep. Not every pillow is suitable for side sleep. Please look for our to ensure that all your sleeping positions are satisfied at the same time, so that you can quickly enter a deep sleep!

Purchase Notes:

Middle height of pillow: 12cm(The edges are slightly thinner than the middle)
Recommendation: height 12cm (The height most suitable for an individual's body)

Luxury pillows-only 5 companies in the world can produce them.

Talalay foaming technology has a very high technical barrier, and it can quickly switch between -30 and 60 degrees within 5 minutes. The openings formed are holes.

Talalay pillow physical foaming technology-reject chem

ical foaming method

Physical foaming technology is an advanced foaming method that uses liquid nitrogen and vacuum to quickly switch before low temperature and high temperature. Dunlop pillows and memory foam pillows use a lot of chemical foaming agents.

5 years long service life

guarantee no deformation within 5 years.

Really compare other pillows

Compared with talalay pillows, (dunlop latex pillows, memory foam pillows, polyester fiber pillows, cassia seed pillows, duck down pillows) are all garbage pillows. Welcome everyone to try the comparison! Not satisfied with the refund!

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