2 in 1 Electric Hot Pot BBQ Grill 1800W Multifunction Portable Home Foldable Non-Stick Split Pot Smokeless Barbecue Pan

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Independent dual temperature control:

Different foods and cooking methods require different heat levels. Our hot pot and roasting pan can set the heating temperature individually, the power is up to 1800W, and it only takes 8 seconds to heat up. Built-in collector ring heating tube, fast heating, high thermal efficiency.

Multifunctional hot pot:

This 2 & 1 hot pot with grill lets you enjoy both fondue and grill styles at the same time. You can enjoy it with your friends or family. The hot pot comes with a divider, and you can use two flavored soup bases to satisfy different tastes. It's perfect for Korean BBQ, fried foods, soups, steaks, vegetables and seafood.

Detachable and easy to clean:

The grill and pan are one piece and can be removed together for easy cleaning. Fondues and griddles have a non-stick coating that you can clean thoroughly with a cleaning cloth or non-abrasive sponge dipped in warm water and detergent.

Smoke Free & Healthy:

Our electric hot pot is made of high-quality materials, free of PFOA and BPA, and will not harm your health and produce unpleasant odors. The grill has an oil leak and the machine has a built-in oil collection box to collect excess grease from the grill, resulting in less fumes and a healthier diet.

Can be used by multiple people:

The electric cooker has a diameter of about 50 cm and can accommodate a variety of foods, allowing you to host a party of 2-8 people. It is also an ideal place for family reunions. It saves you time in line and extra money for authentic ingredients.