AOOKMIYA Adjustable 1600X 2MP 8 LED Digital Microscope Handheld Portable Digital USB Magnifier Electronic HD Magnification Endoscope

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This is a high-resolution electron microscope that can be widely used in industrial inspection,telecommunications module inspection, scientific
research, skin inspection, textile inspection,jewelry inspection, printing inspection, etc.
This microscope supports connection to a computer. The larger the screen, the better the display and the sharper the image quality. At the
same time, the product supports photo, video and file storage.

-It is equipped with USB interface,allows you to connect with your computer,PC.
-Adopts HD resolution,0.3m pixels,provides you perfect and super clear view to observe.
-Applicable to various areas,for insect,skin,botany,circuit board,jewelry and etc,different materials.
-Portable microscope,offering you detection work wherever and whenever,mini size and practical.
-Multi-purpose and useful,focal length adjustment,photo or video support.
-Equipped with 8 LEDs,provides bright condition even in dark environment.


Main Material: ABS
Type: 1000X/1600X
Color: As pictures shown
Pixel: 0.3M pixels
Multiple: 0-1000x
LED Amount: 8
Photo Resolution: 640x480P
Focal Length: Manual Focus(3-60mm)
Image Format: JPG
Video Format: AVI
USB interface type: USB 2.0
Support System: For Windows Vista/7/8/10,For MacOS X 10.8 or higher
Size: One Size
Quantity: 1 Set

Please note! The wifi version cannot be used on the computer. Can only be used via smartphone! ! !

Package includes:

1 x Microscope
1x holder or without holder(Take the selected picture as the standard)
1 x User Manual
1X CD driver software
1x Calibration ruler