AOOKMIYA AOOKMIYA Wave Palette Color Pallet Artist Gouache Mixing Tray Pallets Paint Paints Oil Watercolor Pigment Plate Board Imitation Ceramic

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Made of, durable structure, smooth surface and easy cleaning. These Lightweight And Small Pallet Trays Comfortable To, Even For Children.


Paint Tray Palettes Watercolor Oil Palette Imitation Ceramic Painting Tray Artist Mixing Colour Palettes for Painting Party DIY Craft Art Gouache Painting|Made of good quality, durable structure, smooth surface and easy cleaning.|for students, craftsman, amateur and professional painter. These Lightweight And Small Paint Pallet Trays Comfortable To Hold, Even For Children.|Paint mixing tray has the characteristics of firmness, non- penetration of pigments into the board and easy cleaning.|Watercolor paint tray can be used in watercolor, oil painting, propylene, water powder and other pigments.
- Material: porcelain
- Color: As Shown