AOOKMIYA Electric Airless Spray Machine airless paint sprayer machine TG-9980 Professional power spray gun

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Used for spraying on wall surface and metal surface, especially suitable for
surface spraying processing of building equipment such as interior and exterior
wall, office building, villa, hotel, shipbuilding, steel structure and bridge in modern
building decoration industry. It is an essential tool for modern surface spraying.



1. Less wearing parts, simple maintenance and convenient cleaning.
2. Fewer electronic components means fewer electrical faults, especially suitable
for harsh construction environments
3. Small splash, good health, no friction, low shear force, low stroke.
4. A sealing ring is formed between the mechanical drive and the conveying coating
to avoid the friction in the process and achieve a higher durability.
5. Small size, easy to move and simple to operate
6. At low pressure (30-40bar), it can also achieve good atomization effect, reduce
over spraying (paint spraying) and save materials