AOOKMIYA Kuelox 20 folhas oleosas/água-solúvel cor chumbo pintura especial papel 240g fontes da arte adequado para pintura de longo tempo

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Kuelox 20 Sheets Oily/water-soluble Color Lead Painting Special Paper 240g Art Supplies Suitable For Long Time Painting


Name: Oily/water-soluble color lead special paper

Grams:240G 20 sheets/pack


Use 240G Taiwan Kent paper, the paper is slightly yellow, suitable for long time painting, 240G is thick enough

The texture is fine and moderate, the overlapping color and the color are free of burrs, the water absorption is good, and the water-soluble effect is not suitable for the bottom

*The product is taken in kind. Due to light and display, some chromatic aberrations will occur. Please refer to the actual product. Please understand.


Kent paper made in Taiwan, the paper is slightly yellow, suitable for painting for a long time

240G/m2 gram weight, thick enough, good toughness, very suitable for beginners

The texture is fine and moderate, the painting is smooth, and the color is not lint-free.

Use water-soluble color lead to paint

The effect of adding proper amount of water

Natural blooming effect

Good water absorption, impervious to the bottom

Colored lead drawing template, blank line drawings of various animals, you can color and use at will

During use, if the coloring is not satisfactory, you can use an eraser that can erase the color lead to modify