AOOKMIYA Portable Airless Sprayer Lithium Battery Professional High-pressure Paint Spraying Machine Painting Tool for Furniture Spraying

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Tips for using sprayer

A-gun distance
The distance between the nozzle of the spray gun and the surface of the object to be coated is called the gun distance, and the gun distance is preferably 30-0 cm. If the gun distance is too small, the spraying pressure is too large, the recoil force is also large, and the phenomenon of uneven coating is prone to occur, and the spray width (fan width) is small, so that the part of the object to be coated is sprayed too much and the smear is too thick. If the gun distance is too large, the pressure loss of spraying will be large, and the paint will be easily lost, and the spraying width will be too large, so that the part of the object to be coated will be sprayed too little, and the coating will not meet the thickness requirements.
B-spray fan angle
The spraying fan surface and the spraying object surface should be perpendicular to each other. When manually operating the spray gun, it should be noted that the spraying width should not be too large each time, otherwise the angle of the spraying fan surface will change significantly due to the same operation, resulting in uneven layers.
C- running direction and speed
The running direction and speed of the spray gun. The running direction of the spray gun should always be parallel to the surface of the object to be coated and perpendicular to the spray fan to ensure the uniformity of the coating. The running speed of the spray gun should be stable, preferably 400-500M/S Fast layers are too thick, too slow layers are too thick.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning of spraying equipment
Spray the paint in the machine, and then use solvent instead of paint to spray out to clean the paint in the feeding pipe and spray gun in the machine. When the sprayed material is relatively clear, it can be used. Then remove the spray gun, disassemble the easy-to-disassemble parts and clean them carefully with solvent. If the spray is water-based paint, clean the machine and spray gun with water
About equipment maintenance

1. After the spraying operation, loosen the handle of the return valve counterclockwise, release the pressure to zero and then turn off the motor, otherwise it will cause the motor to burn out, or the internal parts of the machine will be damaged.
2. After the spraying work is finished, the sprayer should be cleaned immediately to prevent the residual paint from hardening and causing blockage in all parts where the paint flows. When cleaning, you only need to replace the paint with the corresponding solvent and spray it according to the operation until the paint in the body, high-pressure pipe and spray gun is all sprayed out.
3. After the sprayer has been used for a period of time, it is necessary to clean the filter screen of the spray gun by removing the movable joint and the buckle plate.

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