AOOKMIYA Portable Travel Wooden Handmade 8 Grid 0.5ml Watercolor Paint Palette Oil Paints Tray Box Empty Box Mini Black Walnut Paint Box

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8 Grid Black Walnut Style:

Length 60mm Width 30mm Thickness 12mm

The travel palette that is attached to the sketchbook. It has 8 vacancies in total, which can be squeezed into 8 colors for color mixing and painting. On the left is the color toning area, and the right is the area where your paint is placed, filled with the paint you need or favorite it. It is beautiful and practical and can be placed in your pocket or backpack. Take it for a trip.

The palette is a minimal palette travel kit for your creativity. It's made of walnut high quality, sturdy, durable, oil impregnation protects from water. Completely handmade and very suitable for travel and outdoor sketching and painting. It's a great gift for professional artists, travel sketches, students, beginning watercolor painters, etc.

The palette is natural material, don't like temperature changes and water on its surface, it like to be dry. If the palette have deformationed, make it dry and leave at room temperature. The palette will restore shape. Since solid wood has different colors and textures, it is normal for the real object and the picture to have color and texture differences, please use it with confidence.

The square model is fixed with clips, and there is a magnetic suction on the side as an auxiliary fixation. The grid slot can fit just 0.5 ml of square grids, each of which will be given a matching grid; and the pigment can be directly squeezed into the grid for use.and then clip it to the sketchbook to complete the painting.