AOOKMIYA The Artist Stationery Supplies Porcelain Palette 10 Holes Palette Ceramic Color Palette

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Porcelain palette

Specifications: length 17.5CM width 9.3CM high 1.7CM


(porcelain might change at high temperature. A flat tireporcelain after high temperature will be slightly downcurved, not 100 percent level, requirements porcelain base and desktop contact absolutely flat, don't shoot!)

Genuine and not without any defects. Daily use porcelainnot with high-grade art as the comparison, details please refer to "the people's Republic of China product quality law" the relevant provisions of commodity grade,generally speaking, every tiny flaw in the following 5 months. Please don't take too picky

We are professional master packaging packaging, we will use the foam plug wrapping paper packagingprofessional each tableware components, damageprobability is almost 0 in case in the transport process if there is breakage, dear they must not reject, never mind, as long as you receipt within 24 hours after the hairdamaged parts of the pictures to us next, we will in the shortest time to arrange a replacement, produce all expenses borne by us, will not allow customers to bear a share of the money.

Every photo is according to proofread kind color, but in the light of different colors, different look under the display of goods can cause color problems, so pleasecompletely unable to accept any chromatism dear wemust see clearly the clause, and consider the purchase.The color difference will be awarded, cannot be used as abasis for complaints of poor