AOOKMIYA VEVOR Commercial Airless Paint Sprayer with Cart 1500W 4L/Min Electric Painting Machine for Home Interior Exterior Wall Spraying

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Product Description
Airless Paint Sprayer
Pure Copper Motor & High Utilization Rate & Stainless Steel Frame
  • Our cart airless paint sprayer kit has complete accessories. The high-pressure spray gun reduces the waste of painting and ensures a high utilization rate. A commercial paint sprayer has powerful impetus and a large flow. The adjustable pressure helps you to control the paint flow and meet your different demands.

  • High-Pressure Airless

  • Powerful & Low Noise

  • Controllable Large Flow

  • Strong & Sturdy Frame

  • Complete Accessories

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Key Features
Fan-Shaped Spray
There are high-pressure spray guns and airless sprayer hoses in cart airless paint sprayer so that you can reduce the waste of coating. As a result, the spray is more uniform, and the utilization rate is extremely high.
1500W Efficient Sprayer
The airless paint sprayer is equipped with a copper motor and high load-bearing, 1500W superpower to ensure high work efficiency. Besides, an airless sprayer can keep working without getting overheat.
250BAR Adjustable Pressure
The maximum pressure in a commercial paint sprayer is 250bar. You can adjust the pressure and observe the variation according to the pressure gauge, meeting your various needs.
Premium Stainless Steel Frame
The airless paint sprayer with cart is constituted by the stainless steel bracket and rubber tires, which have high quality. Therefore, the paint sprayer is very sturdy, and you can transport it easily.
Fully Equipped Machine
The commercial paint sprayer has complete accessories. The extension bar and tip are included to improve your satisfaction of working. You can keep this paint sprayer machine without a doubt.
Wide Application
The paint sprayer is versatile and suitable for emulsion paint, color varnished, other coatings without particles. Paint sprayers for home interior and exterior so you can paint your house and sheds to protect it from the sun and weather.
  • Model: DF1300

  • Type of Motor: DC motor

  • Motor Wattage: 600W

  • Power: 1500W

  • Voltage: 220V

  • Max Pressure: 250 bar

  • Max Flow Rate: 1 GPM

  • Max Tip Size: 0.027 in / 0.69 mm

  • Tank Capacity: 0.3 gal / 1.4 L

  • Frequency: 50 Hz

  • Operating Temperature: 50 degrees

  • Weight: 79.4 lbs / 36 kg

  • Product Size: 19.3 x 15.8 x 30.7 in / 49 x 40 x 78 cm

Package Content
  • 2 x 6in Extension Bars

  • 2 x Metal Spray Guns

  • 2 x 621Tips

  • 2 x 517Tips

  • 2 x 519Tips

  • 2 x 521Tips

  • 2 x 523Tips

  • 1 x 49ft Paint Hose

  • 1 x Universal Joint

  • 1 x High-Pressure Pipe Joint

  • 1 x Pitch Tee

  • 5 x Spray Gun Filters

  • 1 x A Set of Wrenches

  • 1 x Manual

Features & Details
  • High-Pressure Airless: Airless paint sprayer has the high-pressure spray gun that created the fan-shaped spray, with uniform thickness and a high utilization rate. Besides, an airless sprayer hose is also equipped with high-pressure technology that can decrease overspray by up to 55%.

  • Powerful & Low Noise: 1500w cart airless paint sprayer is consisted of a copper core DC motor, which can work continuously but not heat. Heat dissipation is faster and efficient. High load-bearing is superior in high wear resistance and low noise, providing a more comfortable work atmosphere.

  • Controllable Large Flow: This commercial paint sprayer contains an aluminum piston pump that you can use the machine in the large flow for a long time. The max flow rate is 1GPM. Thanks to the pressure regulating valve, you can control the flow by adjusting the pressure as you wish.

  • Strong & Sturdy Frame: Airless paint sprayer with cart is constructed by stainless steel frame and armrest, more sturdy and durable. Rubber tires are not only so solid and hard to damage but also easy to transport. You can use them in any place.

  • Complete Accessories: Our products are fully equipped. The extension bar and different kinds of Tips make your work more convenient. Furthermore, you can clean the machine more quickly and neatly with the spray gun filters.