Brutfuner 12/48/120/160/260 Professional Oil Colored Pencils Wood Watercolor Pen

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Product Description

Gift: Give away stickers and pencil sharpener
Packaging: Generally good packaging, 5 layers of foam to protect against damage

Kids safety certificate lead conform to EN 71 and ASTM 4236, non-toxic
Colors:48 colors/72 colors/120 Colors /160 Colors/180 Colors 260 oil colors

48 colors/72 colors/120 Colors /150 watercolor pencil/180 watercolor pencil
Name: Professional Oil Color Pencils & watercolor pencil

Size:27*20*5 CM(120 colors) ,34.5*20*4.5 CM(160 colors).

this is soft color pencil

Bright colors, easy to color on the notebook, the effect is very good

oil or water color

12/48/72/120/160/260 is the oil color pencil
48/72/120/150/180 is the water color pencil

The difference between water-soluble colored pencils and oil-based colored pencils

water color pencil Can be easily mixed with water and painted with watercolor effects
Oily colored is not easy to combine with water, suitable for graffiti

The pencil is of good quality and non-toxic

The product is the same as the picture, and many customer feedback is very good
Comply with CE certification, packaging and pencils are very good, very suitable for School, Office, Artist, Children, birthday, wife gifts