Can Treasured 300-400ml Noble Elegant Luxury Goblet Enamel Red Wine Sparkling Cup Family Festival Wedding Drinkware Bar Set

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Product description:
Wine glass/Goblet, European classical style, Enamel color, unique. Lead-free crystal glass metal material, high quality guarantee, non-toxic and harmless, can also be used in red wine, sparkling wine, is a must-have choice for families, banquets, festivals, wedding gifts.

Product specifications:
Shape: Goblet
Color: Enamel color
Material: Lead-free crystal glass metal
Quality: excellent
Capacity: 300-400ml
Size: See Product Description


Paper Box packaging

1. Due to manual measurement, there is slight error.
2. Pay attention to our store and there will be frequent discount activities.
3. It is normal for ceramic/glass to have bubbles due to technological reasons. The product is fragile. If there is any damage after receiving the package, please contact the seller first, and the seller will negotiate with you.