AOOKGAME Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller For PS4 Console For PS5 Style Double Vibration Game Gamepad For PC /Android Phone

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DATA FROG Bluetooth Wireless Game Controller For PS4 Console For PS5 Style Double Vibration Game Gamepad For PC /Android Phone

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The latest design of PS4 controller

The wireless controller of PS4 is truly ergonomic and adopts PS5 design! In particular, the analog joystick is sensitive and smooth, with almost no input lag and drift. The familiar feeling makes it easier for you to complete the challenges in the game. At the same time, control The controller is integrated with the accelerometer and gyroscope, and both feel very sensitive, resulting in a more accurate and interesting gaming experience. Tonight, nothing is more exciting than a good controller to win the game.

Super compatibility

The wireless game controller is widely compatible with PS4/PC(Win7/8/10)/Android phones. You can use the gamepad to enjoy most games on multiple platforms.


Double vibration, support 6 axis

The pressure sensor buzzes with every action, making every impact feel like you are in a game.
Double vibration response of hand vibration, feel every impact, collision and explosion.
6-axis: highly sensitive movement The control system can sense your every move, and as you tilt,
push and shake the controller, characters and objects in the game will also move and react.

New touch light bar design

The upgraded version of the controller has a new touchpad light bar design, which can more intuitively reflect the state of the handle itself.
Whether it is vibration feedback, the physical strength of the game character or the recognition of the operator,
it can help you play the game for a long time. Ultimate enjoyment!

Extensible programming button on the back

The back can be programmed by 4 programmable custom extension keys (M1, M2, M3, M4) on the back.
You can customize the shortcut keys as needed to speed up the operation and speed up the movement.

Upgraded version of speaker controller

The advanced technology design provides a mono speaker for the player.
Some game voice commands will be issued in the speaker and will not interfere with the music and sound effects of the game itself.

The new experience of PS4 controller

As long as you press the SHARE (share) button, you can upload screenshots or video clips, or broadcast the game screen in real time to share the exciting game process around the world. You can invite and join the game you are playing, and enjoy the online sharing of games pleasure.

Analog joystick and touchpad

The longer handle can enhance the sense of control and provide a comfortable operating experience.
The controller is equipped with two analog joysticks on the left and right sides.
You can easily play action games or PS shooting games that require fine operation. In addition,
you can also Experience new operating pleasures, such as flicking or sliding the touchpad.

Built-in speaker

The center of the controller is equipped with a speaker. In some games,
the controller in your hand will also emit sounds produced by the controller and the TV to enhance the sense of presence during the game.

Provide 4K video game console support for PS1/GBA Bulit in 3000/10000 games

Open Linux source code system, with 32GB/64GB card, built-in 3000 + / 10000 + games.
Russian players can also choose more than 2000 pure Russian game competitions,
support players to search for games, support players to customize favorite games and can play by themselves And
download the game. Let you be intimate with your family, friends and children and feel the charm of the game!