deLI Brushless Lithium Electric Drill Rechargeable Electric drill Household Large Torque 12V 28N Electric Screwdriver Tool Kit

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This is a compact, easy-to-use and powerful brushless lithium electric drill.
Drilling assembly, massive maintenance, imprisonment disassembly and other work can be easily done!
Rated voltage: 12V
No load speed: 0-400/1400r/min
Battery capacity: 1500mAh
Maximum torque: 28N. m
Clamping capacity: 1mm-10mm
Safe and beautiful, durable, please know more!

A new generation of brushless technology, high efficiency and low energy consumption.
Advantages of brushless motor: The typical integration design is adopted to ban the physical application of carbon brushes, which brings higher output power and work efficiency.
Due to the existence of carbon brushes, the brush motor inevitably suffers from wear and sparks during operation, with large energy loss and relatively low efficiency.

Double speed regulation, 28N. m
21+1 gear torque regulation, powerful function and performance

Stepless speed change, control the speed as you like!
The speed is controlled by the pressure, i.e., it is released and stopped.
The greater the force, the faster the speed

The compact body is only 145mm long. Free operation in a narrow space!
High capacity battery, fast charging in 90 minutes.
240 screws can be tightened under full power
30 holes can be drilled.

Diversified functions
One key positive and negative rotation switch, easy switching;
Multi air cooling, large aperture cooling vent design, strong heat dissipation;
LED light can also work easily in dark environment.

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