Deli Handheld Vacuum Sealing Machine Vacuum Sealer Wet Or Dry Food Household Vacuum Food Sealing

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1. Lithium charging convenient charging wireless operation

2.   The maximum pumping flow rate is not less than 2.5L/min

3. Strong sealing to prolong the preservation,food preservation, anti odor

4. Low noise vacuum sleep is not easy to disturb sleep, negative pressure seal tilt is not easy to leak

5. Equipped with TYPE-C data cable, which can be connected to the computer and the mobile power supply


Product model:14896

Product name:Deli Hand vacuum machine

Product size:42.5x156 (mm)

Vacuum degree of product:-25KPa~-50KPa

Rated voltage:5V

Rated power:2.5W

Battery capacity:650mAh


1* Hand vacuum machine

1* Type-c charging cable

1* Instruction


1. Please keep the bottom silicone air inlet clean;

2. Do not point the suction head at the skin to avoid accidental injury;

3. Children under 12 years of age should use it under adult supervision;

4. Do not modify, disassemble or repair the product;

5. Please check whether the product has obvious damage before use,If there are any signs of damage, please stop using;