Deli Mini Pliers Making Pliers Precision Wire Cutters, Needle, Round & Bent Nose for Making, Chain Nose, Craft, Earring

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1.Forged high-quality Carbon steel for high strength and long durability.
2. Dipped plastic handle for comfortable grip.

1. Please avoid operating under electrified conditions
2. To ensure safety, please use it when the power is off; when the insulating handle is damaged, do not cut the live wire;
3. To ensure safety, the distance between the hand and the metal part should be greater than 2cm;
4. Do not exceed the cutting capacity when using, and the clamped items should not be too large to avoid damage to the blade;
5. The clamp head is quenched, do not use it in a tin pot or under high temperature conditions;
6. Pay attention to lubrication and rust prevention, store it in a dry place, and often add lubricating oil and rust-proof oil to prevent rust.