free shipping 69 * 138 cm Chinese yunlong xuan paper,long fiber rice paper for painting paper

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 description  : ecru fiber yunlong paper

 optional specification  :  69 cm x 138 cm x 50 sheets/pack

 product craft  : the bark manual scoop into the system, the pure natural plant fiber, natural texture beauty and not common. Made of paper, the characteristics of long fiber, folding without loss, high toughness, excellent water absorbency, permeability, full of elasticity.

 features  : excellent toughness, water absorbency, yunlong cover paper strong tension, wear resistance, rough texture, belong to half a lifetime half ripe effect.

product use  : widely used in tea packaging, tea cake, brick tea, food, medicine, ginseng, deer antler, ginseng antler, food packaging, packaging, paper and other various types of special paper and craft, calligraphy and painting, books, paper lanterns, umbrella industry, lampshade, insect, handicraft, kites, moisture-proof packaging, precision electronic packaging, craft gift box packaging. Also used in antique buildings, door, screen window. At present, Japan, South Korea with more