HIMI Watercolour Paint Set 9 pcs For Beginners a perfect gift for Christmas

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Himi watercolour paint set E

The most difficult part for beginner artist when it comes to watercolour painting is choosing the right supplies, from the enormous range from point of quality as well as Price. We also struggle with the choosing the right paper, accessories, etc.

Watercolour is a tricky medium and it can be discouraging to use wrong set of  paper, or brushes.

We did the research for you and came up with all inclusive set for beginners. Everything comes in a beautiful package which is perfect for you and also makes for a throughout gift for your loved ones 

This set includes:


1* Diamond

Solid Watercolour KIT 36 Colours

1* UFO Palette - 180*180mm

1* Fountain Pen

1* 5Pcs Watercolour Paint Brushes

1* Wood-pulp Watercolour Pad 32k 

1* HB Pencil

1* 2B Pencil

1* Eraser

1* Suction Sponge 140*80*35 mm

Watercolour features:

  • Bright colours,Fine Grain
  • High saturation level, Water soluble
  • High Covering
  • Good dispersion to mixing colours.
  • Creative design packaging.
  • Easy to store and carry.
  • Non-toxic, Solvent free.
  • 38 Colors Package size: 225*190*30mm

Sketchpad Features:

  • Cold Press Surface, Acid free
  • 300g/m2
  • High Quality Sketch Paper
  • Clear and moderate paper texture
  • Original Wood Pulp Cotton Watercolour Pad
  • Glued on all four sides to avoid curling.
  • Standard size: 190mm x 265mm

 Other Accessories:

  • Extra mixing tray for ease
  • Fountain pen for the outdoor painters.
  • Appropriate high quality watercolour brushes in 5 sizes
  • HB , 2B pencils and an eraser.
  • Sponge For application