Hluru Glucophone Steel Tongue Drum 15 Notes C/D Tone Music Drum 13 /14 Inch 15 Notes Ethereal Drum Percussion Musical Instrument

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1.【Carbon Steel Material】 Newly upgraded carbon steel, no iron sound, The sound is pure and ethereal, The tone is relatively transparent, The mid to low bass extension will be slightly longer, with a wide range and ample space to play.

2.【Handcrafted by artisans】After heat treatment to remove stress, oxide layer detachment, and production processes such as polishing, sandblasting, and painting, the stability of the material is higher.

3.【Thickened rust-proof upgrade】The thicker the drum body, the more stable and pure the sound,tongue drum can produce a clean, ethereal sound.

4.【Electroplating process paint surface】Electroplating spray paint forms a protective film on the surface of the hollow drum to prevent tarnishing,Anti scratch, non rusting,not easily corroded,Outdoor high-quality paint, washable.

Free gift accessories:

1 * Special drum bag

1 * A pair of Drumstick

1 * Finger Cot

1 * Spare Scale Sticker

1 * English User Manual

14 inch size:

Diameter: 35cm / High 15.5cm

14 Inch 15 Notes, C Tone

13 inch size:

Diameter: 32cm , High 15.5cm

13 Inch 15 Notes , D Tone

12 inch size:

Diameter: 30cm / High 18cm

12 Inch 11 Notes C Tone

15 notes Scale Chart

Professional scale design solutions,simple and easy to learn,Designed according to the laws of simple scales, the same group of scales lean together,only need to remember the position of the 7 scales.

Come with Simple Mallets for Having Fun and Easy to Learn or Play for Beginners & All Ages.You can use the drum sticks or fingers drum sticks to play the steel drum, follow the notes on the drum, and through simple practice, then you can play a beautiful melody.

Accurate intonation:

Three times tuning technology upgrade:Three tuning after the product is painted and shaped, the tone is more accurate,Standardized tuning technology, no more than plus or minus 5 tone points.

Electroplating spray paint forms a protective film on the surface of the hollow drum, coated with protective spray paint to prevent tarnishing.which is not easily corroded and does not peel off the paint.

Integrated molding steel tongue drum Smooth and traceless

Better performance in terms of lifespan and sound quality